• History

    The Foundation Celso Emilio Ferreiro (FUNCEF) is an organization declared by the Galician government of “Cultural Interest” as well as of “Galician Interest” in 1984. This cataloging means that the Foundation develops cultural works that interest the Galician community in his set.

  • Goals

    “The object of the Foundation Celso Emilio Ferreiro is to promote and to defend the Galician culture, to encourage the knowledge and the diffusion of the Work of Celso Emilio Ferreiro in the Galician territory as well as in the emigration”.

    The Foundation appears with a vocation of connecting with our emigrant brothers, especially in Latin America, with the intention of carrying out the constituent beginnings of diffusion of the cultural values that the Foundation considers that they are universal.

    The FUNCEF besides spreading the cultural and political work of Celso Emilio Ferreiro has vocation of acting as “cultural” agent in the Galician communities of the diaspora and in the countries that received them.

    We are conscious of which at times the communication between the receiver country and the community that arrives of outside is not the more adapted, by problems of adaptation for both the parts, and many times for bad knowledgeable. In the development of our work we collaborate in every type of cultural activities that result for the benefit of the working class (magazines, books, conferences, etc).

    The last activity developed in that meaning was the elaboration for the Galician government of a report on the rights of the emigrants towards the Reform of the Statute of Autonomy of Galicia.

  • Patronage

    The Foundation Celso Emilio Ferreiro is governed by a Board of Patterns that is the maximum organ of the Foundation. Besides there are the posts of president and secretary who act as notaries public of the agreements that the Board of Patterns takes.

    In the daily work the Foundation is governed by his director, who is the one that carries out the agreements of the Xunta and marks the guidelines to continue in the daily work, besides planning and executing the policy of the Foundation in all the lands.

    Fundación Celso Emilio Ferreiro

    President  : D. Francisco Javier Ferreiro Loredo
    Secretary:  Dª.Raquel Ferreiro Llatas
    Director:     D. Luis Ferreiro Loredo

    D.  Manuel Bragado Rodríguez
    D.  Luis González Blasco (FOZ)
    Dª. Mª Isabel Ferreiro Loredo
    Dª  Iria Ferreiro Llatas
    D.  José Aldea Moscoso
    D.  Lois Vaquero Ferreiro
    D.  Ramón Nicolás Rodríguez
    Dª. Margarita Llatas Salvador
    Dª. Alicia Ribas Noguera

  • Contact

    Fundación Celso Emilio Ferreiro
    Avda. Castrelos 29-4º-B
    36210 Vigo