[feature_title_button title=”Centennial Celso Emilio Ferreiro 2012″ text_size=”normal” color=”red” text_color=”#FFFFFF” button_label=”Activities” icon=”plus” href=”https://celsoemilioferreiro.org/actividades/”]The Celso Emilio Ferreiro Foundation commemorates the centennial of the poet celanovés that is celebrated in this year 2012. Since this space wants to contribute to diffuse its extraordinary bequest as well as to bring to light the activities planned for this unique and unrepeatable event.[/feature_title_button]

Life stages

Explore the principal landmarks of the poet´s biography through six different stages from Celanova to Madrid, passing through Caracas.

Literary chronology

Access to the list of books published by Celso Emilio Ferreiro, organized chronologically in a timeline.


Get information about the latest news of Celso Emilio Ferreiro Foundation and major events related to the centennial of the writer.

[featurebox_small title=”Photobiography” col=”3″ icon=”camera” hreftitle=”https://celsoemilioferreiro.org/photo-album/?lang=en”]

Discover the personal and literary world of the poet through this selection of images belonging to his family album.

[featurebox_small title=”Sound Library” col=”3″ icon=”cd” hreftitle=”https://celsoemilioferreiro.org/sound-library/?lang=en”]

Listen here to unique documents as the sound of Celso Emilio´s typewriter or the poet’s voice reciting his own verses.

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