The Bosses Board is the highest governing body of Celso Emilio Ferreiro Foundation. There are also the positions of president and secretary, which act as notaries of the resolutions taken by the Bosses Board.

In daily practice, the director of the Foundation is who carries out the decisions of the Board, and also plans and executes the policy of the institution.

Celso Emilio Ferreiro Foundation

President: D. Francisco Javier Ferreiro Loredo
Secretary: Dª Raquel Ferreiro Llatas
Director:   D. Luis Ferreiro Loredo


D.  Manuel Bragado Rodríguez
D.  Luis González Blasco (FOZ)
Dª. Mª Isabel Ferreiro Loredo
Dª  Iria Ferreiro Llatas
D.  José Aldea Moscoso
D.  Lois Vaquero Ferreiro
D.  Ramón Nicolás Rodríguez
Dª. Margarita Llatas Salvador
Dª. Alicia Ribas Noguera